Since 2020, together we integrate the passion for Neapolitan food in the heart of Hamburg. "Spezzagrano" (the broken grain) stands not only for the love of selected local products but also for the variety and the art of baking.
Besides the traditional pizzas and creative dishes, we are moved by the craft of bread, which we live every day in a loving way.
But what deeply inspires me are the light and the colours; the ochre tones and the shades of brown of the walls; the historic Florentine palaces, which are the emblems of this city of art and culture unique in the world and which I visually engage with every day” – Karime
“At Gucci Osteria we don’t have ambitions to be gardeners; neither to have a roof top or a countryside vegetable garden. The finest Tuscan and Italian products are naturally the basis of my cuisine.
Martin Sadirov
Born in Ukraine, has been pursuing the dream of a cultured and modern cuisine since childhood.
The work, or in his view "art", to work with fresh seasonal food makes the enthusiasm in him beat faster.
Together with his wife he left Ukraine and at the age of 18 decided to study in a foreign country - Italy.
After his successful graduation as a chef, large kitchens were already running under his management and the idea of creativity found space.
Martin quickly found a place where he could live out his passion and did so in one of the most renowned Italian restaurants in Hamburg.
The employment as a kitchen director provided him with further opportunities to distinguish himself with his unique, creative views and thus bring Spezzagrano to life.
Wonderful aroma, crispy crust, soft crumb.
Baking good bread is an art!
Make the dough from just a few good ingredients with a lot of feeling and time, let it mature and then bake it in the oven under optimal conditions. See and smell how it works in the sourdough, feel the consistency of the dough and then only the wonderful smell, when the wonderful bread bakes from the dough in the oven.
From the classic sourdough bread to the traditional focaccia and seasonal holiday pastries (like our panettone), you will find a delicious selection from our in-house bakery.
il pane è oro
The authenticity of pizza is something that needs to be controlled comprehensively. You should watch the dough, the ingredients, and the operation of the oven. In fact, the stove is fundamentally important.
The restaurant serves traditional and original pizzas prepared in a wood-burning oven by Martin Sadirov, a fresco paste, snacks, main dishes and desserts, and a menu of natural Italian wines.
We love the work that we do and we’re proud that we’ve built a place where passionate people can thrive.
Lyubov Sadirov
Martin Sadirov
Deni Sadirov
Join us:
The restaurant business is not for everyone, but we genuinely love our jobs wouldn’t rather be doing anything else. We’re always on the lookout for others who feel the same way to join our award-winning team.
We look forward to hearing from you!